• Beer Cask Tap
  • Like Widge Floating Cask Extractor

We are firm believers in supplying high quality products at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a manufacturer, refurbishment and/or supplier of technical service equipment for your pub estate, free trade accounts or need one simple part for your bar, then CFBS are a reliable team you can trust in. Please contact us with your enquiries, be they big or small.  

Beer Engines
Clamp-on, Cabinet & Through the Counter
available in 1 to 8 pull, 1/4pt or 1/2pt Pull
with or without Water Jackets in Chrome or Brass
Tubing - PVC or MDP
Tube Insulation
Cask Insulation Jackets
Vertical Ale Extractor + Body
Hop Filter (Strainer) inc Seal
Lowline & T-Bar Fonts in Chrome or Brass
Bespoke Items
Pipe End Nut & Tails
Cask (Barrel) Taps
available in single or double outlets
in 3/4BSP, L or Y threads
Hose Clips
Drip Trays
Screws & Fixings
Porcelain & Wood Handles
Cask Venting Peg
Dip Stick (9-18 Gallon)
Auto Vac Systems
John Guest Fittings
Flojet Gas Assist Pump
Gas Regulators


We supply too many items to actually list so please contact us if you require information on any item shown or not shown above.