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January 2016; A stunning display of beer dispensers for London account

London Dispensers

CFBS manufacture an impressive 21 keg product bridge font and 16 handle/product cask handpull.


October 2015; New Craft Beer Equipment for New Craft Beer Account in London

Craft Beer Co, St Mary Axe

The thirst for choice continues as CFBS manufacture and deliver these huge 27 product dispense taps to new London account.

September 2015; Colin Farrar join forces with Rugby World Cup


Colin Farrar Brewery Services, whom recently received special recognition at the Keighley Business Awards, has been commissioned by one of the largest brewers in the world to develop for them a Beer Dispense Unit to be showcased at the Rugby Union World Cup.  The dispense units designed as Rugby Goal Posts will be used to dispense lager at bars around Twickenham the home of the World Rugby. Owner Colin Farrar commented that as a former Chairman of Keighley Rugby League during the 70/80’s he had only temporarily switched allegiances to the union code in order to oversee the development of yet another highly specialised product. 


 A spokesman on behalf of Colin Farrar Brewery Services commented further by adding that the business was constantly being sought out by the world’s major brewers because of its growing reputation for delivering specialist products of the highest quality to the brewing industry

CFBS develop unique goalposts beer dispence for Rugby World Cup

September 2015; Another new product launch from CFBS

CFBS have now fully completed the development of its new Check Valve. The award winning product has now been fully tested and has already been adopted by some of the world's major brewing companies.

CFBS check valve fully tested

May 2015; Colin Farrar's achievements recognised at Business Awards Ceremony

CFBS win award at Keighley Business Awards

At the recently held Keighley Business Awards the achievements of CFBS in the field of product exports were recognised by the judges, CFBS were the proud recipients of  a Special Recognition award. CFBS continue to expand their overseas trade interests and now export across the world to places such as China, India, America, Australia and of course Europe. The Awards ceremony was compered by BBC TV's Harry Gration who commented on how Yorkshire companies were continuing to "carry the flag" when it came to exports.

Through the bar hand pull

Through the bar CFBS new product

CFBS through the bar dispence

CFBS, Colin Farrar Brewery Services, are committed to continuous additions to their wide range of beer dispence products. One of the newer additions is the Olympian Through The Counter Cask Hand Pull. Already a hit with several new bars throughout the country this new product helps cement CFBS's position at the forefront of the beer dispence industry's suppliers and manufacturers

through the counter hand pull

Tilting gantry rack system

6 Over 6 Rack

Colin Farrar are pleased to announce a further addition to their growing range of in ovative products for the beer dispence industry.

The tilting gantry racking sysem not only offers a highly efficient product but also one which can be manufactured to suit individual space requirements. A perfect solution where available space is at a premium.

For further information on this or indeed any other products from Colin Farrar Brewery Services please give us a call.

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